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The Size Doesn’t Matter (SDM) campaign is a cutting-edge social media experience that includes videos, an interactive website and promotional give-aways. Aimed at highlighting the multitude of Israel’s accomplishments and contributions in a new, fun and attractive way, this campaign has quickly become Canada’s most successful of its kind, reaching thousands across the country and beyond.
SDM aims at highlighting Israeli nightlife, pop-culture, technology, culture, art, innovation and much more!

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VIDEO: TLV rendition of ‘If U Were GAY’ – Tel Aviv 2012 (Avenue Q) – Pretty awesome

Idan Matalon & Barak Krips Present From the Musical “Avenue Q”, the song ‘If you were gay” Tel Aviv 2012

VIDEO: Idan Matalon presents ‘Beyoncé’ – Love On Top – Valentine’s Day ClipSync

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY 2012 Idan Matalon’s Production Walking down the street of TEL AVIV and randomly filming people writing the word LOVE in different Languages! By Idan Matalon – Which was also one of our Top 10 guys of 2011 (Click here to check out the list)

VIDEO: Israeli Teenage Ambassadors showcasing different parts of Israel with the help of Idan Matalon (@MiniIsrael )

Israeli teens from the ORT Israel School Network are speaking up and showing the world what it’s really like to grow up and live in Israel. The students share their thoughts on everything from their favorite foods and music to the Arab-Israeli conflict and co-existence. They hope to show people

Idan Matalon

Idan has caught the attention of many with his “LipDub” videos, from Lady GaGa to Adam Levine, Idan brings you the songs with a little tour of Tel Aviv, Check out his latest interview by “MyGayTrip” in TETU Magazine here

VIDEO: Does Tel Aviv have Moves like Jagger… LipDub by Idan Matalon

 “LipDub” videos, from Lady GaGa to Adam Levin2011 Idan Matalon’s Production Walking down the streets of TEL AVIV and Randomly filming People Writing Lyrics and Singing MOVES LIKE JAGGERe, Idan brings you the songs with a little tour of Tel Aviv, Check out his latest interview by “MyGayTrip” in TET

VIDEO: Lady GaGa: The Edge of Glory – Lip Dub (Tel Aviv)

Check this 4 way Lipdub out, Shot on the beaches of Tel Aviv 1 Shot Production Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv, 2011 Idan Matalon’s Production Sally Salit Cohen, Nir Tasha, Idan Y. Cohen © All Rights Reservedhttp://sizedoesntmatter.com/wp-admin/post-new.php: Label: Streamline, Interscope, Kon Live Writer(s): Lady Gaga, Fernando Garibay, DJ White Shadow Producer:

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