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Lipdub Youtube : Valentine’s Day in Tel Aviv
Find here a quite unusual Youtube lip dub, whose aim is to share love on Valentine’s Day !
Idan Matalon is an young Israeli who became really famous these last months thanks to his video clips on YouTube. This one is the best known: on the 14th February of 2012, Valentine’s Day, Idan Matalon wanted to pass on a message of love using the song “Love on Top” by Beyonce. His purpose was to show the “real” Israel, which is not only a country in conflict but also a country of love!
In order to realize this lipdub Youtube, he and his team have traveled the streets of Tel Aviv. We can then see them singing in playback and shooting people of all nationalities. These are holding a board on which we can read the word “Love” written in their native language. In other words, these are the decor of this lipdub.
This lipdub Youtube is rather special because finally there are only two people singing in the music playback. There is no real choreography but they have the song in their souls and behave like real professional singers: they move, dance and feel the music deep within themselves. By the way their lipping is excellent and everything was filmed professionally. This is so great and pleasant to watch this video!
In brief, we consider this as a lip dub clip and not as an advertisement or a “cover”. Indeed the goal here is to promote a community, in this case a country, and having a good time together. In any case, the result is worth it! This lipdub brightens your day thanks to its dynamism and it makes us happy just thanks to its message.
Feel free to leave a message or make us discover other lipdub Youtube like this!

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