Love Fest T.A remix - on Juicy Remixes


A blend of banging beats by Idan Matalon: ‘Love Fest T.A.’

Idan Matalon is a 24 years old producer. He lives in Israel and he wants Peace. And that’s what we deeply feel listening to his brand new track ‘Love Fest T.A.’ The lyrics need no explanation: “Fly out to the next step / Jump into the middle to the center of the core / And we like to live, We / Like to live to love, We / Like to love to live / We’ll not leave Tel Aviv.” Matalon gives the World an impressive message of Peace & Love.
The original song’s been co-written with Lihi Admon and music production by Sharon & Eldar Brantman. But if you add a banging treatment by Shahaf Moran on top of that, you’ll need to dance to the end of Peace & Love."

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