Moovz - your gay social network.


Moovz - The next generation social network for the gay community

Moovz was created with a vision to provide the global gay community a common space to feel free to speak, free to share and free to be. We have built a one-of-a-kind social platform that aims to change the way individuals communicate and unify.

Our innovative, visually creative platform was designed to satisfy our users’ needs and demands. Moovz allows people from all over the world to unite based on shared interests, common beliefs and like-minds.

In Moovz, you can easily switch locations, jump from Japan to New York in the click of a button, and instantly read new feeds, connect with different people and make new friends. Using our incredible platform, you now have the chance to meet people from faraway places, learn about other cultures and have experiences you would not have been able to have without Moovz.

It is in this revolutionary new world, that you can meet a new travel friend, learn about top news stories, and possibly even meet that special someone, all on one platform, Moovz.

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