Gay Vancouver | Moovz in the city

!Welcome to Vancouver
If you happen to be traveling to the Rocky's in Canada this summer
you might want to find yourself on a shores of Vancouver for a couple days 
Because here the gay nightlife is very well establish and you will have a lot of fun
trying out the authentic canadian maple syrup and maybe some of the gay men too 

Filming & Editing: Dekel Lazimi - Lev

Host: Aleem Ala Kazam

Guests: Carlotta Gurl (Absolutely Dragulous), Robyn Graves, Randy Rongavilla, Randy Newburg, DJ Zach Shore, Riley Cox, Patrick Savoie, Amelia St Onge & Alex Sam

Places: Fountainhead Pub, Celebrities Nightclub, 1181 Bar Lounge, The Elbow Room Café, Aveda Tonic Salon
Special Thanks: Victor Kazakov, Teresa Phan

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